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Quality Environment Processing System

QPS, enviroment chemistry

Take a step forward for a better working environment
and environment over all.

  • QPS series contain all fluid that are needed for processing of x-ray film, fixer and cleaning fluid

  • QPS are development for both hand and maschine processing.

  • QPS are NONE carcinogenic in the process system.
    There are NO hydroquinone and metol in the process system. Metol and hydroquinone is called an MQ developer.

  • Compensation product contain Ascorbic acid (C-vitamin) and Potasssium carbonate (potash).

  • Pack sizes are adapted in 1 liter packages of 6 pieces of plastic bottles to produce the
    cold-chemistry in a pack.

  • For fix-chemistry is 1 pack 4 pcs. 1 liter + 4 pieces hardener 100 ml.

  • 2.5 liter pack is for those who produce much.

Discharge of QPS Processing Fluid in Drain

Many costumer have questions if it's possible to drop the environment fluid in the drain.

Accoring to analysis of the QPS fluid it show that it contain 1.1 mg silver / liter and together with water it's possible to drop the processing system in the drain together with lot of water.

According to Stockholm Water Company (AB) level value "Warning value " at 0,05mg / liter silver

Foreigner (Importer) are also welcome for analysis.

Costs for analysis approximate: 100€ euro. Resultat in English.
A authorize laboratory who we have trust for are:

Roxengatan 11,
S-582 73 LINKOPING, Sweden
Telefon: +46-1313 7440

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